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There are currency exchange bureaux in all airports, railway stations and on main shopping streets. These bureaux are called CAMBIO. They are usually open 8am to 8pm. Banks, hotels and agencies such as Thomas Cook exchange currency. Commission rates vary from nothing to Euro 5 per transaction. Do not accept the offers of exchange by unknown persons on the street as you may receive counterfeit money. This will, doubtless put the stopper on your holiday fun, besides getting you into trouble with the authorities!!


The American Express office is in Piazza di Spagna 38
Telephone: 0667642413 Hours: Monday to Friday 9am to 5.30pm - Saturday 9am to 12.30pm - May to October also 2pm to 3.30pm American Express travellers cheques cashed commission free.


Italian law entitles all Non European Union residents to a VAT tax refund with a minimum purchase of Euro 155. This VAT is called IVA in Italy. On purchase of goods ask for an invoice or ‘fattura’ On departure from the EU, goods must be shown to a customs official and a customs stamp must be obtained no late than 3 months after the date of purchase. The stamped invoice must be returned to the store that issued it, or to the VAT refund companies no later than 4 months after the date of purchase.


American Embassy Via Veneto 119 /A Tele: 06 46741
Canadian Embassy Via G.B. De Rossi 27 Tele: 06445981
Australian Embassy Via Antonio Bosio 5 Tele: 06852721
U.K. Embassy Via XX Settembre 80/A Tele: 0642200001

The above mentioned embassies can offer citizens the following services while in Rome, should you have need of them. Register your address during your stay in Rome Issue new passports Register the births and deaths and inform the family, in case of the latter unforeseen circumstance. Provide lists of hospitals, doctors, dentists, lawyers. Notarize documents and give legal assistance. However, they will not give financial aid or settle unpleasant disputes. The Consulate authorities cannot help in case of illegal activities by American citizens, nor can they get an American citizen out of jail.


Banks : 8.30 am to 1.30pm - 2.45 pm to 4.30pm - Many banks have 24 hour ATM (Bancomat) U.S.A. Bank in Rome is The City Bank At Via Abruzzi 2 tele: 06 478171 Shops: 9am to 1pm. 3.30pm to 8pm. - Shops in the centre of the city are open from 9.30 am to 8pm. Postal Services: Stamps can be purchased at post offices, or Tobacconists. Mailboxes can be found on the walls of buildings, usually outside tobacconists and bars. The Central post office is in Piazza San Silvestro.


The same ticket can be used for the bus and the metro. A single tickets costs Euro 1 and is valid for 75 minutes on one or more buses plus one ride on the metro. Tickets must be validated on entering the bus and the metro. Tickets can be bought at ticket machines, bars, tobacconists and newsstands. One day passes cost Euro 4 - Three day passes cost Euro 11 It is advisable to purchase several tickets at a time, to avoid the hassel of meeting up with a ticket machine that doesn't work, and this is quite a frequent occurrence in Rome! There are 2 metro lines.. A red and B blue. A operates from 5.30am to 9pm - B operates from 5.30am to 11.30pm. Buses operate from 5.30am to midnight.


It is a good idea to buy a phone card from a tobacconist, because it is not easy to find telephones with the coin system. You can make international calls and collect calls with the card. Reduced rates are from 11pm to 8am Monday to Saturday and full day Sunday. There is no surcharge from Public phones, unlike Hotels. In order to use a U.S.A. cell phone in Italy it must be a tri or quad band phone. U.K. cell phones are compatible with Italian cell networks. It is possible to use a SIM card for calls to the U.S.A. and the U.K. with an unlocked compatible phone. Main Italian networks include TIM, Vodafone and Wind and are found throughout the city.


The voltage generally used in Italy is 220 volts. 50 Hz AC.


Doctors / Dentists
For an English speaking doctor or dentist contact The American Embassy at 06 46741. Emergency medical assistance is free of cost in all hospitals. Hospitals where you will find doctors who speak English:
Rome American Hospital at Via Emilio Longoni 69 - Tele: 06 122551
Tobias J Wallbrecher (American Board Certified) at Via Domenico Silveri 30 - Tele: 06 6380569
Medi Call Studio Medico at Via Salaria 30 - Tele: 06 8840113
This is a 24 hour service that can arrange doctors for house or hotel calls. Costs start at $100.
For and English speaking dentist call the American Embassy at 06 46741.
24 Dental Service Clinic.
"G. Eastman" Dental Hospital At Via Regina Elena 287 - Tele: 06 44831


Piazza Barberini 49 (English spoken) tele: 06 4825456
Piazza Risorgimento 44 tele: 06 3722157
Via Arenula 73 tele: 06 68803278
Piazza dei Cinquecento 49 /51 tele: 06 488001
Regular pharmacies are open from 8.30am to 1 pm and from 4pm to 7.30pm.
Pharmacies work on the rotation system. If you find a pharmacy closed you will find the list of open pharmacies on the door.


High level crime is rare, and we wish we could say the same about pick-pocketing!!! The intention is not to give you the frights! But it is better to be safe than sorry!! Photocopy all important documents. Leave one set of copies at home, and the other set in your hotel safe deposit. Remember to carry your wallet in a pocket on the front of your shirt or dress. Pouches and hand bags are safe held in front of you. Be sure to check that they are closed. Ladies walking on the pavements, do not hold your bags on the side facing the moving traffic. Boys on two wheelers are prone to make a grab at that promising leather pouch dangling from your shoulder. When seated at a outdoor bar or restaurant, do not place your bag where it can be snatched. Always keep belongings in sight. Keep your eyes wide open on crowded buses and the metro, and beware of children with dirty faces and loud voices.. they have very skilful hands that can slide into your pockets!! Last but the most important.. leave your attractive, sparkling jewels in the safe deposit of your hotel before venturing out on the busy streets.


None of our clients have had this misfortune up to date… but there is always THAT first time, we hope will never occur! Go to the Polizia Station or The Carabinieri immediately. You will find them at The Questura. Via Genova. There is a special office for foreigners.. per stranieri. Make out a report called denuncia. This denuncia will be used as a temporary driving license, (if your license has been stolen), and must also be presented at The Consulate for the issue of a new passport. Report the loss of American Express travellers cheques at American Express Piazza di Spagna 38. Tele: 1678 72000
Credit card loss:
American Express. Tele: 0672282
Master Card / Visa Tele:1678 68086
Diners Tele: 1678 64064.


Report lost items at The Ufficio Oggetti Smarriti at Via Nicolò Bettoni tele: 06 5816040
Items lost on the bus / metro .. report this at their office On Via Volturno 65.
Items lost on trains… report this at Servizio Movimento delle Ferrovie dello Stato, at the main Termini Station.
Tele: 06 4669 ext. 7682 And we wish you all the luck!


Gratuities are normally up to your discretion. In some restaurants a 15% charge will be added to your bill; in others you will find ‘cover and service’ charges included in the price. If there is nothing mentioned, then a 10% of the bill is a normal gratuity. Taxis……10% of the meter charge. Bars……standing at the counter a 50 cent coin is the normal gratuity. If you sit at a table, then the gratuity is 10% of the bill. Toilets and cloakrooms……50 cents to 1 Euro
Hair dressers…………… 2 Euro to 5 Euro, depending on the service.
Tourist guides…………..2 Euro to 3 Euro per person in the group.
Car drivers………………10% of the charged amount.
Bellhops…...2 Euro to 3 Euro for carrying the bags to the room. 5 star hotels Euro 3 to Euro 5
Doormen……..Euro 1 for calling a cab; Euro 2 for loading and unloading your bags.
5 star hotels…..Euro 3 and Euro 5.


The luggage storage is at the main Termini Station Piazza dei Cinquecento Rome. The depot is open from 6 am to midnight. Charges are as follows:
Euro 3.80 for the first 5 hours.
Euro 0.60 additional charges from the hour 6 to hour 12.
Euro 0.20 for additional hours.
There is usually a queue at the deposit.


There are different rates for standing at the counter and having your drink and snack, and different rates for sitting at the table. If you decide to stand at the counter.. You stop at the cash desk first, and pay, then you present your receipt at the bar counter and the barman will supply your drinks. You would do well to check the rates before you sit down as you may wind up paying euro 5 for a cappuccino! If you decide on a sit down drink in the sunshine and watch Roman life, a waiter will take your order and bring the bill to the table.. you can sit there as long as you like!


Italian custom laws are animal friendly. You will need a certificate from your veterinarian to say that your pet has been vaccinated for rabies. This certificate should be attested by The Department of Agriculture in your country, also an attested certificate to say that there has been no case of rabies in your town for 6 months prior to your arrival in Italy.


Most churches have service at 9am. and 6 pm / 7pm. On Sunday there are usually two or three services in the morning and one service in the evening. Since you will be in a sacred place of worship it is advisable to follow the dress code: no short pants, miniskirts or sleeveless tops.


Before you buy a prized, valuable antique, it is a good idea to check if you are permitted to take it home with you. There are some antiques that cannot leave Italian soil!


Here are some interesting contacts that may assist you in some day during your visit to Rome. Hopefully you will not need these services, but in an emergency, it is good to have these numbers. If you are aware of other telephone numbers that you think would be of assistance, please e-mail us and we will take you suggestions into consideration.

Emergency calls Dial

Immediate Assistance 112
Fire 115
Police - Pubblica Sicurezza 4686
City Police - Vigili Urbani 06-67691
Carabinieri 112
American Embassy 46.741
Operator Assistance 170
USA Direct Dialing 001+AREA+CODE+NUMBER
Foreign office 06-462987
Lost property office 06-5816040
Red cross 06-5510
24 h Pharmacy 06-5750143







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